Saturday, September 19, 2015

Science or Scientology???

Has Your loved one Joined Academic Research or a Cult?

Take this quiz and find out!!

Does your loved one...

  1. have to answer to an all-knowing, all-powerful authority figure/mentor? 
  1. seem to get their exclusive validation from this mentor?
  1. seem afraid of reprisal for questioning the efficiency or morality of their organization?
  1. have unreasonable fears about the outside world? Such as #altac alternative careers? 
  1. have paranoid thoughts about a "dark side" called industry?
  1. have an irrational loyalty to their organization? 
  1. feel that former followers are always wrong in leaving? 
  1. shun former followers from social events/conferences?
  1. feel they can never be "good enough"? #impostersyndrome
  1. spend the majority of their time exclusively with other members?

If you answered "yes" to 7/10 of these questions then sorry, your loved one is part of a cult academic research.

This list was creatively adapted from Cult Education Institute and obviously should not be taken seriously.

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