#Altac Online Resources

Whether you want to thrive in academia or get the hell out, you can find help on the internet. Here is a list of my favorite web resources for academics and soon-to-be-ex-academics. I am always adding to this list, so be sure to check back. 

Need to learn about your #altac options? 

  • PhD Career Guides
    • A great place to learn about what #altac options are out there, from government to law. This should be one of the first places you go when trying to figure out your "plan B".

Need personalized support/counseling? 

  • Lilli Research Group
    • Provides individual career coaching, and offers a 5-week bootcamp, for academics looking to leave academia.
  • White Consulting
    • Founded by two Harvard-trained PhDs on a mission to provide you with the skills you need to make the leap from academia to industry.
  • From PhD to Life
      • Need a life coach to help you through the #altac transition? Jennifer Polk is your gal.
  • PhD Blog
    • A Dutch career coach for academics.

Need to improve your soft skills? 

  • Jobs on Toast
    • Solid advice on how to make a career for yourself outside of academia.
  • The Grad Student Way
    • A great place to find soft skill advice (with an eye to leaving academia). Lots a great information about networking in graduate school. 
  • BitesizeBio
      • BitesizeBio has thousands of easy-to-read articles on bioscience techniques. With a focus on tribal knowledge and soft skills. Also covers complementary research skills, such as writing, communicating and leaving.

Need to network with other PhDs? 

  • Gradhacker
    • A community of graduate students tackling a range of issues/topics.
  • Versatile PhD
    • Community of PhDs looking for nonacademic careers, and corresponding resources.

Interested in Industry? 

  • Cheeky Scientist
    • Industry Training for academic PhDs looking to make the leap.

Want lots of stories from academics and ex-academics?

  • Yes, Another Science Blog
    • If you want to read #Quitlit this is your place. Great posts from (often anon) PhDs who left academia. This is the blog of Zappylanb's cofounder.
  • Mama PhD
    • The blog corresponding to the book, by the same name, about women in science. A good book.
  • Scientopia
    • A random assortment of science-related guest bloggers.

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